If you want to understand your customer, you’d better understand how they’re ageing

Beyond brand awareness, European marketing executives are keen to deepen their understanding of customers, to improve engagement and to make their customer interactions more relevant.

This according to research conducted by The Economist Intelligence Unit entitled BEYOND PERSONALISATION.2015-11-28_10-49-21

While the report is intended to highlight the importance of the application of social media and other digital technologies in contextual marketing, all this seems futile if you don’t get the basics right.

The question they should ask is;

Is my product, service and customer journey suited to the physical changes my customers experience as they age?

There are 25 universal effects of ageing that companies need to understand in order to respond comprehensively to the inevitable consequences of ageing. We call this Lifetime Customer Experience.

It impacts every step of the customer journey from communications, to online. The retail store design and layout. The products and services on offer, plus the supports services that surround them.