Using the spirit of Christmas to help older people – this is brilliant

What a wonderful way to raise awareness of the plight of some older people.

First there was a John Lewis TV commercial showing a little girl who tries to communicate with an old man who lives on the moon and finally sends him a telescope so he can keep an eye on people on Earth.

Then the sequel for Age UK where we see behind-the-scenes footage of the same TV commercial. The old man pottering around the set on his own with narration from Dame Helen Mirren. She says; “1 million older people go more than a month without speaking to anyone. It doesn’t have to be this way.”

The ad hopes to encourage people to make a difference to the lives of the many older lonely people. Age UK is encouraging people to donate £5.

What a brilliant idea and a noble cause. Congrats to John Lewis, Age UK and the agency Adam & Eve/DDB.

John Lewis Christmas
Age UK Christmas