Simplicity is Age-Friendly. Key to better customer experiences

Leading discount supermarket chain ALDI topped the list as the world’s simplest brand for the third year running according to this years Global Brand Simplicity Index.

We’ve covered this study for years with the same conclusion; Simple customer experiences are preferred by all consumers, particularly older ones. What’s more, they have powerful commercial consequences.

This years report revealed:

  • Simplicity pays: 63 percent of consumers are willing to pay more for simpler experiences
  • Simplicity gets shared: 69 percent of consumers are more likely to recommend a brand because it’s simple
  • Simplicity outperforms: Data from the past six years shows a stock portfolio comprised of the publicly traded simplest brands in the Global Top 10 outperforms the major indexes by 214 percent.

Google dominated the US rankings. The study, based on an online survey of more than 12,000 respondents across eight countries, ranks 585 brands based on their perceived simplicity.

Read more or download the report from Siegel+Gale here.

Also, consumers in the US and UK were asked to evaluate emerging brands that that are changing consumer expectations and reshaping industry category definitions.

What are disrupters doing to deliver simpler customer experiences? The same sort of things needed for brands to embrace Lifetime CX.

  1. Empowering people: They side-step traditional industry protocols and shift power to consumers.
  2. Reimagining experiences: They turn underwhelming experiences into moments of delight.
  3. Removing friction: They identify pain points in everyday processes, and remove them.
  4. Saving time: They value people’s time by providing services to them where and when they need it most.
  5. Providing utility: They provide services that customers find useful.

5 stars again to S+G for their Brand Simplicity report.