Age is a dangerously limiting predictor of consumer attitudes

Something we’ve been banging on about for years is now confirmed in research from the UK, that attitude replaces age for targeting consumers.

The study by Network Research of 1,500 UK consumers and reported in Marketing Week, looks at how people relate to some of the UK’s most popular brands based on rational and emotional attitudes, which reveal an alternative view on traditional age, gender, income and social grade segmentation.WEB_051115_Trends_Image3

For example; the study shows that people with the highest concern about security of their personal data are aged over 65, 89.7% of whom say they are worried. But personal security concerns also score highly with those aged 25 to 34 (83.4%).

Another theory we’ve often espoused is that life-stage/circumstances are powerful shapers of consumer behaviour – such as retirement, death of a spouse, chronic illness etc.

For example, this study reveals that one life-stage marker – having children – is a big factor in the likelihood of recommending a brand. For M&S, 64.7% of those with children are likely to recommend the retailer versus 35.6% without. It is a similar story for Samsung, with 68.9% of those with children recommending the brand compared to 31.1% of those without.

Always good to see independent verification of ones theories.