Designing customer journeys for the old and the young

True customer-experience design involves crafting each interaction customers have with a company along the path that runs from the minute they consider a purchase through their entire relationship with the product or service.

So says this excellent article from McKinsey. It’s worth a read.

They offer some suggestions on how to gain intimate understanding of customer journeys:

  • Ethnographic observation and “shop-alongs,” where researchers watch or accompany customers in stores;
  • Customer diaries, where customers describe, hour by hour, their activities and reactions as they interact with products and services;
  • Codesign, where customers give feedback about early versions of proposed offerings; and continual live testing and design iteration with customers after launch.

We would (of course) add that an understanding of the physical limitations we experience as part of normal ageing should also be factored in.

Our free AF (Age-Friendly) Brands app is a good place to start. It can be downloaded from the iTunes store.