40 percent of Japan’s mobile users are 55+

At 39.2%, this is far ahead of other countries with ageing populations.

By comparison, in the UK the figure was 31.2% and Italy, 31.8%. The US, on 29.6%, was among the lowest of those highlighted in comScore’s 2015 Japan Digital Audience Report, which compares data for desktop users aged 15+ and mobile users aged 13+ between May 2014 and May 2015.Japan_Mobile

The report also reveals that the 55+ group represent the lions share of desktop users (see chart).

To us in the ageing space, this does not come as much of a surprise as it reflects the super-ageing status of Japan among nations.

However, it reminds us the importance of including older users in business plans and the design of Lifetime Customer Experience involving online search and purchase.