Will the Microsoft retail store deliver an Apple customer experience?

Microsoft’s first flagship retail location (New York) seems set to be a customer experience above the norm. It seems a lot like the Apple store.

According to this article from Engadget, the store is a milestone for Microsoft;

  • First to have more than one floor (hope there are elevators)
  • Features a large community theatre, where store employees will hold training sessions and other events
  • A section of devoted to Xbox, and even Minecraft gets some space to shine (along with lots of accessories)
  • A floor dedicated to Dell featuring a slew of consumer and business hardware
  • No security cables. Microsoft says it wants to demo the devices completely untethered so people can test them out as if they were at home
  • 160 associates working at the store, who speak a total of 19 languages

Roughly 50% of Apple Macs are sold to people over 50 and it’s reflected in their customer experience at all stages of the journey. While Microsoft has responded to the polyglot nature of their anticipated store visitors, I wonder if they’ve given thought to the age spread?