Multi-generational shopping experience? Nice idea but where’s the beef?

The headline certainly caught my attention; “Creating a multi-generational experience for your shoppers”.

The announcement of a multinational research report on retail from Accenture goes on to say “Our research findings show many similarities yet many differences in the way people of different generations shop”.Acc_retail

Goodness me, really?

In fact, there seems to be very little information of any practical use from this research. I even question some of the findings. For example, 38% of Millennials said they were shopping in-store more often compared with boomers at 15%.

Perhaps that’s because boomers are already dedicated in-store shoppers!?

The actual report is thin on detail and appears to be a self serving PR piece centred on mobile integration into the retail experience. There’s nothing about the subject “Creating a multi-generational experience for your shoppers”. For those interested in this subject, take a look at our Lifetime Customer Experience concept.

Come on Accenture, you can do better than this!