New household formations accelerating among the 55+

More Millennial madness. This time focussing on Millennials and housing. Why!?

In this report from Bloomberg TV, the guest explains the chart; “Everyone talks about the Millennials¬†forming households, moving out of the parents basements but really the growth is from older households…………”

Based on data from the USA housing market, the main growth in new household formations is at the older end of the spectrum.

The comment comes at about the 02:31 point in the video.

One wonders why Millennials are being talked about in this program at all? ………………

Interviewer; “What sort of pocket book do these Millennials come with when they migrate?”

Guest “They’re still pretty young and they’ve been set back by the recession so for now it’s rentals in downtown areas. The question is at what point are they going to be able to move into the suburbs …………”

“Over the next 10 maybe 15 years we’re going to see a tailwind ……..”

Hmmm. And the older folks, with all the money are still being sidelined by ageist marketers. I bet the realtors are smarter than that.

See the video here: