Almost half of older adults play video games? Wow!

Although the average age of Australians who play video games is now 33 years, 49% of those over 50 and 39% of those over 65 also play.

The big difference is their motive to play.image-20150723-22816-63g4ur

For those over 50, ‘fun’ is replaced by ‘keeping the mind active’ as the main reason for playing. All this according to research conducted by Jeffrey E. Brand, Professor at Bond University.

76% of participants said they felt video games could increase mental stimulation, 61% said they may help fight dementia, 55% said they could help maintain social connections. When asked about general health benefits of game play, participants nominated improved thinking skills first, followed by coordination and dexterity.

I’ve been playing Lumosity regularly for the past few years and can personally testify to the potential power of gaming for older adults.

So it seems that again, the myths are exploded. Online video games can be designed to appeal across the generations; Gen A-Z.