Capping research age limits at 49 is like driving with one eye!

Emerging Asia admires Japanese brands. So screams the headline finding from this research covering 3,200 consumers across Asia Pacific. The study conducted for ad agency J Walter Thompson covers consumers in eight countries – China, India, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, the Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam aged. But wait, the respondents were aged 20-49. Download here.2015-06-15_12-14-07

The 50+ population now represents upward of 30% of most Asian markets. It is the largest, fastest growing and wealthiest segment of population across many of these countries. Yet their opinions don’t seem to matter!? I wonder how the 50+ consumer feels about Japanese brands?

When will the marketing industry stop this ageist practice and apply representative sampling before making sweeping statements?

More remarkably, the press release suggests “The study highlighted the opportunities for Japanese brands seeking to expand beyond their slowing domestic market with an ageing consumer profile into fast-growing Asian markets with younger consumers”.

What about the massive opportunity that exists for Japan to export it’s knowledge, products and services catering for an older population, to the rest of Asia-Pacific and beyond?

Come on JWT, you’re better than that.