Online retailers are losing out with poor websites. Imagine the impact on older shoppers!?

Poor website performance is driving shoppers to the competition and driving user spend back to bricks and mortar retailers. And if it’s bad for the average punter, imagine the impact on older shoppers!download

According to research conducted in Australia and New Zealand, almost one third of online shoppers are abandoning the internet and going back to bricks-and-mortar retailers, because of the frustrations they are experiencing in this channel.

Top three complaints?

  1. Too many pop-up advertisements (42%),
  2. Service online is not the same as in-store (34%),
  3. Too time consuming to narrow down options available (28%).

The research does not identify the age of respondents but one can be pretty sure it was skewed young. So imagine the impact of poor shopping websites on the wealthier, time rich, older shoppers!?

Web designers need to understand the physical changes we undergo as we age and ensure the online customer experience accommodates these issues.

Our Age-Friendly Audit app provides a checklist for brands to evaluate their own websites in this way.