Marketers must start trading young for old customers

I love it when people sing our song. Here’s a well written piece from the Financial Times; Brands must adapt to an ageing world – FT that includes some good examples and quotes.

A few excerpts for those who don’t have an FT subscription;

“For brands, this future entails more than introducing products suited for older preferences and capacities. It means adapting the designs of existing products to parallel shifts in the demography of scale. Brands must go where the numbers are, and that means trading young for old”.

The AF Audit

In other words, brands must become age-friendly.

“Brands face this (ageing) future with some timeworn rules-of-thumb that won’t measure up to the challenges and opportunities ahead. In particular, consumers aged 50 and above have long been written off, except by brands filling the niche of remedies for the ills and ailments of old age. As a result, the cultural flavour of life not to mention the bulk of consumer offerings reflects the tastes and preferences of youth”.

Well done to the author, J Walker Smith of The Futures Company.

Keep singing,