Three small businesses that are winning with boomer consumers

Always good to find success stories of businesses big or small enjoying brisk trade, courtesy of their focus on the cashed-up ageing consumer. Particularly ones that illustrate the premium potential of the market.

This article in the Sydney Morning Herald highlights three:

Waterfalls Café and Gallery, Tasmania

This business got the over-60s patrons to open their wallets wider by improving the quality of the goods on offer and put up the prices accordingly.

The Filing Fairies

Plenty of over-55s who don’t have the inclination or the tech smarts seem willing to pay up to $60 an hour to have their boxes of old snaps and slides reorganised and digitised for posterity.

Elite Akademy

Offering objective advice and fixed-price service packages to keeping healthy and active as the years tick over have helped Melbourne physiotherapy practice Elite Akademy get plenty of boomers onto the treatment table.

The more success cases we have, the easier we can convince corporates to stop fence-sitting and act on the on the business opportunities around ageing consumers.