Netflix discovers how preferences transcend age

Netflix, the online streaming service, has discovered that when it comes to taste in movies, demographics is “almost useless” as an indicator of behaviour.

I interpret this to mean that their customer experience, including user interface and purchase mechanisms, should be designed for all adults i.e. Age-Friendly.Netflix

Netflix’s VP for product innovation said that there are actually 19-year-old guys who watch ‘Dance Moms’, and there are 73-year-old women who are watching ‘Breaking Bad’ and ‘Avengers’ according to this article in WARC.

Netflix is now starting to develop strategy by getting consumers to rate the shows and movies they watch. According to Netflix it’s not who they are in a superficial sense – like gender, age, even geography. It’s not even what they tell you. It’s what they do.

An enlightened company or just plain common sense in a time of an ageing revolution?