Don't talk Wearables and Devices. Talk Solutions and Benefits.

No wonder consumers appear apathetic to the next tech revolution of wearables, they don’t understand how it relates to them!

Some worthless, PR-seeking research from a UK agency this week revealed that “61% of respondents wouldn’t buy a wearable device, with most of these simply failing to see the need (37%)” and “A further 15% dismissed them as a fad”.

Steve Jobs once said something along the lines of “Don’t ask consumer what they want because they don’t know.” Consumers didn’t ask for the iPad, for example.

So asking consumers whether they would buy a ‘wearable device’ is near meaningless.Layout 1

Ask a person if they would buy something that could track their health, their fitness or enhance their lives (or the lives of someone they care for) in some other way, and the answer would surely be more positive.

Alarmist, attention-seeking research like this does more harm than good and throws cold water on what promises to be an exciting evolution in personal technology.