Porsche Targa relaunch targets the over 50's. Who's got the money then, eh?

The Porsche 911 Targa turns 50 in 2015. And to celebrate, Porsche USA teamed up with “our largest clientele base – the 50-plus style makers who truly value and demand discerning design, consummate style, and dynamic performance in anything they touch.”P14_0002_a5_rgb

The launch took place at AARP’s 14th Annual Movies for Grownups Gala in Beverly Hills. Many of Hollywood’s biggest stars came out to celebrate 2014’s standout filmmakers, actors, actresses and movies that bear unique relevance for audiences aged 50-plus.

Seems odd to have a separate event for this but what I found interesting is that the Porsche launch shatters some of the stereotypes around ageing.

Maybe I’ll just have to go and buy one?