Investment gurus predict hot shares for ageing. More of the same old, same old.

The Motley Fool investment website asked contributors to tell them which investments they think could benefit the most from an ageing America.

You don’t need to read it because it’s painfully and disappointingly predictable.

Contributor #1: Retail pharmacy chains.

Contributor #2: Healthcare real estate investment trusts.

Contributor #3: Vitamin and dietary-supplement retailers.

Article begins hopefully, with a statement of the broader challenge ” ….. their lifestyles are far different from the lifestyles of seniors in decades past. As a result, companies are struggling to figure out how to target older, more active, and wealthier seniors, but not all industries are likely to benefit from the ageing American trend equally”. But the ‘ideas’ put forward illustrate that the investment community have no empathy with the opportunity. No thinking outside the box here. Even the cruise companies missed out!

What about all the lifestyle stocks where older people have the time, money and inclination to spend their sunset years? Wearables and new tech?

This indicates the struggle we have trying to open minds to the broader opportunities present and emerging in the ageing space.