Taiwan Aims To Become Age-Friendly

In 2013, all 22 cities and counties in Taiwan signed the Dublin Declaration to commit to becoming age-friendly. According to this release from the Ministry of Health and Welfare, Taiwan became the only country in the world that achieved full coverage.

The AF Audit

Using the WHO criteria for evaluating Age-Friendly cities, the Health Promotion Administration (HPA) interviewed 2,144 senior citizens over 60 this year (2014). They were asked a total of 29 questions (I would be really interested to see those questions!) and asked to give satisfaction points, where 4 points, the highest, stand for very satisfied, and 1 point, the lowest, for ‘very unsatisfied’.

Respect and social inclusion2.96
Community support and health services2.94
Communication and information2.91
Civic participation and employment2.85
Outdoor spaces and buildings2.84
Social participation2.83

The HPA has also collected the achievements in the eight major aspects of promoting the Age-Friendly city by various cities and counties, compiling them into a book to share with the public.

We will soon launch an AF iPad app incorporating the complete WHO checklist to enable Governments to audit their towns and cities.