What is an Age-Friendly Workplace?

Most companies haven’t begun to consider the implications of making their workplaces ‘age friendlybased on the experiences of both myself and co-author Dick Stroud.

Dick recently wrote: “The first thing that needs to be done is to conduct a rigorous audit of the ‘worker journey’ to ensure that all of the places they interact with the company are as supportive to ageing bodies, senses and minds.

The AF Audit
The AF Audit

This theme was also picked up in a recent article from the Sydney Morning Herald which explains that “An age-friendly workplace also considers the physical working environment. This includes accessible toilets, step-free access to buildings, easy-to-read signage, large-print materials and user-friendly technology”.

The article continues; “Many of these features will also benefit younger workers with limited mobility and physical or sensory impairments. Viewing a workplace through an age-friendly lens means any adjustments will benefit the entire workforce”.

Our AF Workplace audit interrogates over 200 touch-points along the journey which includes: Commute, Workplace, Tasks, Knowledge and Compliance.

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