The Ageing of Asia …. again

Those of us who follow ageing matters get a bit tired of the same old stuff being recycled year after year. As my colleague Dick Stroud says; it seems that each year editors feel obliged to cover the ageing story…..again.

However, there are a few pundits worth hearing from repeatedly and George Magnus is one. Coincidentally, and proudly, he also was one of the original reviewers f our co-authored book. (See below).

In this article, George paints a pretty pessimistic view of ageing Asia. We prefer to see the glass half full and pursue the resulting opportunities of the ageing populations.

However, there are and interesting set of charts for many Asian countries comparing populations 65+ with those under 15 years. Frightening as ever.


Here’s what George had to say about Marketing to the Ageing Consumer:

‘This book examines the essential commercial implications of the unique phenomenon of rapid ageing. As the world’s population of over sixties doubles by 2030 and almost trebles by 2050, societies will need new coping mechanisms, and companies will need to adapt to a big shift in the structure of their consumer markets. Dick Stroud and Kim Walker take an important and innovative approach to show why and how.’ George Magnus, Senior Economic Adviser, UBS Investment Bank, London