Barclays Bank Helping Older Customers Bridge the Digital Divide

Banks have a vested interest in educating their customers how to use online tools. Barclays in the UK are taking this one step further.

While not specifically aimed at older consumers, the Digital Eagles program aims to bridge the digital divide. Barclays explains that they aim to “help customers improve their technology capabilities and feel confident to embrace the new digital revolution, so they can reap the benefits of being online. Whether they’re 10 or 110”.

Barclays has assembled a team of employees dubbed Digital Eagles. These tech tutors can help consumers not only with online and mobile banking but any of the tasks that have become routine for many, like making a call via Skype. Consumers meet the Digital Eagles at Tea and Teach sessions held at bank branches.

A separate series of ‘How to’ videos are available here on the Barclays website and this is where (in my opinion) the idea fails to be Age-Friendly. I fear they are moving too fast and using too much tech jargon for an older, digitally challenged person to follow. What do you think?