Kimberly Clark goes age-neutral for Depend 'underwear'

What a smart strategic move by the marketers of Depend incontinence diapers, they’ve gone ‘age-neutral’!

Depend’s new ad campaign is a general appeal to ‘Drop Your Pants’.

The goal of the campaign is to reduce the stigma of the products by showing that bladder incontinence is common and affects younger people more than many people realize. But the fact remains that the most users are older, and herein lies the brilliance of the strategy.

By ‘normalising the condition’, the brand moves away from the historic age-silo trap and broadens out to encompass consumers of all ages i.e. age-neutral.

By doing so the brand is likely to expand the age-range of the market and, more importantly, garner strong support among the more critical, older users.

No longer adult diapers, they’re now ‘incontinence underwear’. Reaffirmed through their product form and the packaging as covered in our book Marketing to the Ageing Consumer. Clever.

So let’s take a snapshot of the band through our Age-Friendly lens:

Communications: Appeal to all ages. No age stigma. – Check!

Online: Intuitive and seems easy to follow. Clear link to the advertising campaign. – Check!

Retail: Ability to buy online to remove the ‘condom effect’ at retail. – Check!

Product: Positioned and designed as underwear. Packaging reaffirms. – Check!

Sales support – haven’t checked.

Without doing a full Age-Friendly Audit, I think Depend is fast becoming one of our AF ‘darlings’ alongside Apple.