P&G Lured Back To Ageing Consumers

P&G is preparing to expand the launch of Always Discreet, an adult incontinence brand that has been trialled in the UK.

According to The Caregiver Partnership, P&G will likely market this new line under the brand names of Whisper in international markets such as Japan, Singapore, India, China, South Korea, Philippines, Thailand, Hong Kong and Taiwan; Lines (Australia and Indonesia); Orkid in Turkey and Evax and Ausonia in Spain and Portugal.Always Discreet UK Always Discreet

Every day more than 80,000 people turn 60 so the question most in the incontinence business ask:  “What’s taken them so long?”

There remains a huge stigma attached to the purchase and use of such products. Online shopping/home delivery, are purpose-built solutions to this problem.

Although UI is not limited to older adults, the incidence of the condition definitely increases with age.

As covered in our book, ‘Marketing to the Ageing Consumer‘ data from Australia (see the chart below), gives an insight into the way the incidence of UI varies with age and by gender.