Singapore Government Incentives for Age-Friendly Employers

The Singapore Government has announced more incentives to reward companies that are willing to implement and sustain age-friendly practices.

Under the WorkPro scheme, companies will receive a cash incentive for piloting such arrangements as flexi-work arrangements, as reported in Today magazine.

To get the first tranche of the grant, companies must send an employee for the Workplace Health Promotion Facilitator’s Course, which will train staff to plan, design and evaluate workplace health programmes.AF

For the second tranche, a health provider must be appointed to carry out a survey of mature workers in the company to identify suitable health-related workshops for them.

WorkPro — first launched in April last year to improve workplace practices to attract and retain mature workers and back-to-work locals — have been met, with more than 1,000 companies applying for the scheme.

To create an Age-Friendly workplace requires more than flexi-hours and health programmes. Companies need to understand the physical limitations that age can impose and adapt the physical environment to suit. It’s all explained here.