A Dating Website (That's Not A Dating Website) For Older People

According to the founders, Stitch was created because too many mature adults are lonely.

A pretty noble pretext for business which is why I’m writing about it.2014-06-02_12-51-10

The Stitch website claims it is for those who are looking for more than just a date. It is for those who are looking for true companionship.

Stitch users can only message each other if they provide mutual consent. While security is a huge priority for most dating apps and websites, which are often plagued by catfishers and scammer, it’s doubly so for a site like Stitch, as seniors are sometimes more vulnerable to these things.

But it seems the developers don’t know their audience very well. Stitch is only available as a desktop website, and it will likely never evolve into a mobile app because, according to the founder “There is that technology gap, most of our users don’t have an iPhone.”

Bollocks! The Stitch folks should do their homework. Half of American mobile subscribers 55+ own smartphones.

As of writing, the the website has registered more than 1,500 users, most of whom are women, unlike most (younger) dating websites, where the population skews heavily male.