Nestle Wants To Be A Health And Wellness Company

They are hunting for an ad agency in the US to take on a corporate brand assignment. According to this article in AdAge, the goal is to change consumer perception of Nestle from a “trusted chocolate company” to a “recognized and trusted food and beverage, nutrition, health and wellness company.”

In a blog back in August 2012 I wrote that, Paul Bulcke, chief executive of Nestlé, commented that the slow-growth world is home to two of the fast-growing groups: the obese and the elderly. They invest heavily in R&D around both.Nestle-bilionaire-brands1

What is interesting about this agency search is that it is focussed on a “big corporate idea,” along with four TV executions featuring Nesquik, Gerber, Outshine and Pure Life. Now ‘health and wellness’ is something many older consumers are passionate about, but why this choice of brands?

  1. Nesquick = chocolate drink for kids
  2. Gerber = Baby food
  3. Outshine = Fruit bars
  4. Pure Life = Water

I guess water and fruit bars are ‘ageless’ but the assignment doesn’t seem to address the needs of older consumers. Strange given that they represent over half all purchases of packaged goods in the USA!?