Mens Share of Retail Spend Increases with Age – Surpassing Women!?

Now this is a shocker! I’ve always believed that women’s control of the purse strings increases with age.

But delving into this bit of research from Nielsen tells a different story. It also, highlights the importance of the Silver dollar to retailers.

When they compared the distribution of all-outlet spending for women and men, the split varies by age. Young women under 36 years of age outspend their male counterparts almost 2:1. The gap narrows with age, though women 36-44 years old retain a slight edge. Men find their stride from 45-54 years old, slightly outspending women, then extend their lead during the 55-64 age bracket and maintain this lead after age 65.

Under 36 years19%12%31%
65 +18%23%41%

p.s I guess these numbers have been rounded up and so do not add up to 100%.

According to Nielsen, women dominate trip share for beauty, baby and basic food categories. Even though men spend more per trip than women in many of these categories, more women buy and they buy more often.

Convenience stores, however, break all the rules. Male shopping trips in this channel lead female trips 57 percent to 43 percent. The channel’s unique position could set an example for others to follow. To help simplify shopping like convenience does, top-selling categories—such as beer, carbonated beverages, snacks, juices, bread and milk—are already collaborating with retailers to harness store layout, package design and in-store signage to create themed deal areas that bundle items, benefiting retailers, manufacturers and consumers.

Interesting insights. But again, this is USA-only data.