Silver Surfers Engage with Online Healthcare

The digital divide between seniors and the rest of the population is disappearing.

According to Accenture research, Americans 65 and older are increasingly demanding of their online access. (I guess we can expect other developed countries to follow similar paths);2014-04-16_15-18-42

  • That accessing their medical information online is very or somewhat important – 67%
  • That they should have full access to their electronic health records – 83% (only 28% actually do today).
  • ┬áIt is somewhat or very important to request prescription refills electronically – 68%. Nearly half (46%) can do so today.
  • Booking appointments online is somewhat or very important – 62%
  • Emailing with providers is somewhat or very important – 53%
  • Accessing electronic health records and medical history online or through a mobile app is most important – 46%
  • Seeing a doctor virtually without a copay is most important – 42%
  • Scheduling appointments electronically with a mobile app or online tool is most important – 15%
Accenture concludes that to serve the aging population, Medicare plans must pursue digital channels to influence buying behaviour, engagement and satisfaction.
You can download the Accenture infographic here or the summary report here.