Functional Foods for Ageing Consumers = Opportunity

Opportunities abound for food manufacturers to better serve the needs of ageing consumers.

Euromonitor says the ageing population remains under-served in terms of functional food and drink products, in a report; “Opportunities to Target the Ageing Through Functional Food and Drink” (US$2,000),o-VIAGRA-ICE-CREAM-570

The key areas for functional foods are identified as:

1) Cardiovascular Health

2) Bone and Joint Health

3) Brain Health and Memory

4) Vision Health

I was surprised to find no mention of formulations to combat the loss of muscle mass (sarcopenia). Apart from the practical issue of maintaining strength, there’s a powerful cosmetic claim to be made to older people seeking to avoid ‘saggy-arm’ syndrome.

Also, as this article suggests, there may be opportunities for foods that contain sexual enhancement ingredients. Yeah!