Is Your Home Age-Friendly?

I read a report some time ago that age-friendly homes were commanding a 5% premium in the USA.

But what does it take to be an Age-Friendly home? AARP has published The Home Fit Guide. Here are a few top level questions. The pdf guide is more comprehensive. AARP HomeFit

  1. Is there at least one step-free entrance into the home?
  2. Does your home have a bedroom, full bath and kitchen on one level?
  3. Are the doorways and hallways wide enough for a wheelchair to pass?
  4. Do the doorknobs and faucets have lever handles, which are easier to use than rounded knobs?
  5. Are the kitchen counters mounted at varying heights, so they can be used while standing or seated?
  6. Can the kitchen and bathroom cabinets and shelves be easily reached?
  7. Does the bathtub or shower have a non-slip surface?
  8. Are there grab bars in the bathroom, or has the wall been reinforced so grab bars can be added?
  9. Are the hallways and staircases well lit?
  10. Are there secure handrails on both sides of stairways?
  11. Can light switches, electrical outlets and thermostats be easily reached, even when seated?
  12. Can the windows be opened with minimum effort?

Our own Age-Friendly Audit process covers around 300 individual evaluations. We don’t yet include a version for homes but this would not be difficult to adapt.