Nielsen's global report on ageing consumers – a wake-up call to marketers

Even though the research was conducted online, the findings are intuitively ‘spot-on’.

Entitled The Age Gap, the Nielsen report’s subtitle says it all:Age Gap


Some really good information here that all marketers, manufacturers and retailers should read and act upon. Their “Top Ten Takeaways on Worldwide Ageing” are;

  1. More than half (51%) around the world say advertising does not reflect older consumers.
  2. One in three worldwide say retailers do not provide aisles dedicated to ageing-needs products.
  3. Healthy eating is a top priority for half in Asia-Pacific in retirement, but one in two can’t find foods that meet ageing nutritional needs.
  4. Finding easy-to-read product labels and easy-to-open product packaging is challenging for more than half in Latin America.
  5. Personal savings/investments will be the primary source of retirement income for less than half (46%) worldwide.
  6. Forty-one percent of North Americans plan to retire past age 65, compared to 23 percent globally.
  7. Most Europeans (56%) fear they will have less money after retirement than their parents.
  8. Housing services assistance for the ageing consumer is problematic for 46 percent around the world.
  9. “There’s no place like home” in old age for more in the Middle East/Africa (45%) than the global average (38%).
  10. Losing self-reliance, physical agility and mental competence are top concerns for more than half worldwide.

All these issues (and how companies need to respond to them) are covered in our book “Marketing to the Ageing Consumer

Great job (again) Nielsen!