Ageing: East vs West

Some Europeans are exporting their elderly to retirement facilities in Asia.They are attracted by lower costs plus a culture that places great importance on care for the elderly, Absolutely.Thai retire

According to this article from the BBC website, in Switzerland, people are expected to contribute to costs amounting to anything between US$5,000 (£3,036) and $10,000 (£6,073) a month, In Thailand the figure is closer to US$3,000 (£1,821) a month – and that for a care package that is likely to be more comprehensive.

In the UK average costs range from US$3,600 (£2,186) for basic residential care to over US$5,000 (£3,036) a month with nursing care.

And while life savings are depleted, the UK care system has been beset by shocking revelations about abuse of the elderly and people being left to die of hunger and thirst.

And this trend is not only limited to the old-old or Bangkok. Provincial cities such as Chiang Mai, Hua Hin, Phuket, Koh Samui are attracting retirees in greater numbers.