The incredible economic force of baby boomer women

The numbers are unequivocal, the gender differences are undeniable, the opportunity is inarguable and the market is enormous. I just came across this fabulous quote attributed to Tom Peters, business author and speaker, in reference to the power of boomer women in the USA. The same applies in most of the developed economies.

I’ll be using this in speeches for sure.

According to this excellent article by Jim Gilmartin here in MediaPost, Tom calls it “Economic opportunity No. 1”.

He continues; “Add in Baby Boomer and older customer women’s role as ‘purchasing officer’ for consumer goods and for corporations and agencies, and, in effect, you have an American Women’s Economy that accounts for over half of the U.S. GDP — about $5 trillion. The opportunity — trillions of dollars in the U.S. alone — is waiting. American women by themselves are, in effect, the largest ‘national’ economy on earth. Unfortunately, too many companies don’t get it and often pay little attention to these lucrative targets.”