Apple partnership creates the first purpose-built hearing-aid for iPhone

Probably the first clear evidence of Apple’s attention to the ageing consumer.

According to research in the USA, 46% of Apple computers are bought by people over 55. When questioned about this, Apple’s brilliant, non-committal response was “We welcome customers from 1 to 100”.Employee of GN, the world's fourth largest maker of hearing aids, demonstrates the use of ReSound LiNX in Vienna

In this case, Apple has partnered with Danish company GN ReSound to design the first “Made for iPhone” hearing aid, dubbed LiNX. Using Bluetooth-like technology, this hearing aid connects directly to iPhones.

One of the goals is to de-stigmatize the use of hearing aids.

Most hearing aids use intermediary transmitters, but LiNX’s Bluetooth-like technology can communicate directly with a smartphone. The hearing aid connects to an iPhone using 2.4GHz wireless technology, which consumes less battery life. The communication process between the two devices is similar to how smartwatches and activity trackers relay information with smartphones.

When the world’s largest, and arguably most successful company, tips it’s hat to the importance of the ageing consumer, perhaps other companies will sit up and take notice. Let’s hope.gncomMFI718_610x406