Have boomers become a liability for McDonald's?

Baby boomers now place calories and cholesterol count ahead of affordability, speed, and convenience. The same could be said to be true for a large segment of the younger, millennial generation. big-mac-calorie-count

Way back when, McDonald’s developed the right business model to ride on the crest of two emerging trends. First, the baby-boomer trend — the swelling ranks of teenagers and rising numbers of women in the labor force in the 1960s, which boosted demand for the company’s fast and inexpensive menu. Second, the globalization trend — the increasing integration of world markets in the 1970s and the 1980s — which helped the company transfer the American way of life to many countries around the world.

This article in Forbes suggests these two trends, which propelled the company’s growth, are turning from tailwinds to headwinds.