Doorknobs banned in Vancouver

This may sound odd but to older people with weakened hand strength, it’s a blessing.

Starting next March 2014, the city will be requiring the installation of lever handles on all new building doors instead of round doorknobs in an attempt to make the city more accessible to the disabled and elderly. door-knobs-3-1

The change was part of the council’s ‘age-friendly action plan’. In addition to the door handle requirement, the city has passed similar building requirements such as wider door frames, faucet levers and minimum height standards for electrical outlets to create ‘a more safe, inclusive and engaging city for all seniors’.

Anyone who has read our book Marketing to the Ageing Consumer will know that weakened hand strength often compounded by the effects of arthritis in the fingers, means that gripping a door knob can be difficult for guests, customers, patients and citizens alike.

Reported here in the Daily Mail.