Drug use soars among ageing Aussies

A 407 per cent surge in amphetamine use in people aged 50 to 59 from 2003/4 to 2011/12 and a 321 per cent increase for those 60 and over.

The figures from the Australian Institute of Health, Welfare, Alcohol and other drug treatment services in Australia show treatment for cannabis use has increased by 163 per cent for 50-59 year olds and 231 per cent for over 60s.126955-f597d122-38a2-11e3-9051-f1cffb9afa3c

Treatment for cocaine addiction is up 247 per cent and heroin up 138 per cent in the over 50s.

This is a psycho-social reality we need to come to terms with. It seems that contrary to popular notions idealizing retirement, older people could experience depression, stress or other difficulties.

They can be socially isolated or in a social group made up of heavy drinkers. These factors can strongly increase the likelihood of older people misusing alcohol or other drugs as a coping mechanism.

Reported here in news.com.au