GSK gets serious about consumers with retail insights lab

I’ve seen such labs at Unilever but this is a first for GSK.

GlaxoSmithKline is looking to grow sales of its consumer healthcare brands such as Beechams, Sensodyne and Niquitin by opening an insights lab in the UK for retailers that it is selling as an opportunity to improve in-store marketing.gsk-lab-46_460

The lab includes a touchscreen that provides 3D virtualisation of stores, real-life retail environments including a pharmacy and grocery shop and an area for focus groups. It also enables retailers to monitor customers as they move through a store, look at packaging or visit websites using eye-tracking technology and geometrics that measure factors such as heart rate.

According to GSK, the new lab is looking for ways to improve packaging and in-store displays, as well as making sure retailers are marketing the right products to consumers.

I just wonder how many of the 25 effects of ageing have been considered in the design and application of this lab?