Will the C-Suite engage with older customers?

A study from IBM reveals that 60 percent of CEOs plan to directly engage their customers and proactively apply what they learn to set their business agendas in the next three to five years — up from 43 percent of CEO’s who now include customers in the development of business strategies.

The question is whether they will engage with the real customer-base or the knee-jerk, younger oriented definition of customers. My fear is the latter.10086724206_abb6cd2e4e

The study entitled “The Customer-activated Enterprise,” is based on findings from face-to-face conversations with more than 4,000 CEOsCMOsCFOs,CIOs and other C-suite leaders from 70 countries and 20 industries worldwide.

The report states: Being a customer-activated enterprise requires a deep understanding and focus on the customer as an individual, rather than as a category or a market segment. As the business landscape changes, 54 percent of C-suite executives want to target customers as individuals within the next three to five years. To close the customer intimacy gap, many businesses are relying on digital technologies to boost engagement, create a one-to-one dialogue and provide a superior experience.

Let’s hope that the voice of older consumers is sought and heard.