Wierd anti-ageing devices from Japan

Always at the forefront of ageing technologies, Japan never ceases to amaze and amuse.The irony here is that users are motivated to improve their cosmetic appearance yet are perfectly happy to look total idiots prancing around in these hideous masks that would make Hannibal Lecter wince.

As reported in the Daily Mail, The £25 ‘bra’ puts gentle pressure on cheeks and its ‘wire’ band promises to reduce smile lines.

Would YOU use this to beat wrinkles? The Hourei Lift Bra claims to help banish smile lines

The Hourei Lift Bra is a band that slides over the back of your head and then the frame fits easily onto your nose.

Its soft silicone rubber curves have been designed to feel comfortable on your skin while the ‘wire’ design promises to place only gentle pressure on your cheeks.

The makers also suggest doing mouth exercises while wearing the frame.

Mouth exercises to do while wearing the face bra

The Japanese Trend Shop also sell the wrinkle-busting balaclava and The Faceweaver Exercise Mask,   which they describe as ‘a new face stretcher from Japan that promises to give users a more youthful and energetic look’.

The Face Trainer works to reduce the signs of aging by toning the underlying muscles through a series of exercises

The stretchy accessory wraps around your face and claims to help exercise different muscles while you make all kinds of bizarre facial expressions.

Other unusual products sold on the website include the £80 Eye Slack Haruka, which is aimed at combating sagging skin around the eyes with battery-powered vibrating pads, and the £70 Beauty Lift High Nose, which applies vibrations to help push the nose higher and make it firmer.

Frightening tightening: The Facewaver Exercise Mask from Japan promises to give users a more youthful and energetic look

How much did they pay the models!?




For those looking to emulate the plumped-up lips of Katie Price, the rather cartoonish Face Slimmer Exercise Mouthpiece slips over the wearer’s own mouth, with the ultimate goal of boosting the lips to a more prominent pout.

Cartoonish: The Face Slimmer Exercise Mouthpiece slips over the wearers natural lips and claims to enhance the natural pout without the need for injections






And let’s not forget the boys. Here’s your long-awaited jaw tightener that promises to “Give yourself the chiseled macho face you’ve always wanted”.bb-sports-bodymaker-face-maker-jaw-tightener

I’ll order one immediately lest I miss out!