Why brands shouldn't forget ageing consumers

A regional head of Microsoft Advertising said that to engage this age group, marketers need to understand their community, content and channels.

I think that applies to all audiences, doesn’t it?Senior Man Using Laptop

In this article in Marketing Magazine, he continues “While not perceived as early adopters of new technology, the ‘grey’ group is motivated in response to people within their social communities or recommendations from friends,”

Skype for example, has been one of Microsoft’s most successful products in targeting the grey group because of its ability to compel and connect.

Another point marketers need to remember, said Microsoft, is that this generation “might also be more open to natural ways of interacting with technology – such as touch and voice in easy to navigate environments.”
The article suggests that: “Given these insights, marketers should look at brand experiences that are immersive and incorporate voice, gesture or touch environments along with delivering relevant content that appeals to the lifestyle of this generation”.

This may be true for the very old who have little or no previous interaction with existing interfaces, but what we do know about older people (50+) and technology is that most prefer ‘evolution’ to ‘revolution’. So I’m not so sure about introducing these all-new ‘natural ways of interacting’.