America's favourite age is 50

My favourite age is the age I am, but a Harris online poll surveyed a total of 2,252 adults and found that America’s favourite age is 50. The question: If you could live forever in good health at a particular age, what age would you like to be?Ideal age

On average, men wanted to be younger than women, choosing 47 over the average perfect age for females of 53. Those with kids in the household thought staying 45 forever would rock; those without children around opted for 53.

Not surprisingly, younger people chose younger ages. Echo boomers, ages 18 to 36, thought the perfect age was 38. Gen Xers, ages 37 to 48, wanted to stay put at 49. Baby boomers, ages 49 to 67, thought 55 was pretty awesome. While mature adults, ages 68 and older, were happy to hold steady at 67.

A psychologist quoted in this article suggests some reasons why 50 is the new ’30 to 35′.

  • You’re young enough to be famous or start an organic farm and still have the muscle tone to work eight hours a day.
  • You’re old enough to have wisdom but young enough that your parents are still alive so you have a generational experience.
  • If you’re tired, you can ask the young man on the bus to get out of his seat for you. Or you can date the young man.
  • A woman, can stay stylish and fit and maybe get your hair dyed or just do a little [cosmetic] tune-up.

Research shows that as we age, we tend to be less depressed, less anxious and more optimistic than our juniors. And we also become more comfortable with ourselves and our bodies.