Samsung offers an age-friendly phone option

Easy mode configures the phone’s Home screen to provide an easier experience for ‘first-time smartphone users’.

I see this as a clear appeal to older (or very young) users. In other words, age-friendly. This point is evident in the TV commercial used to announce the feature.

Easy Mode in the Galaxy S4 limits the home screen to three panels. The icons are much bigger, as are the fonts. It provides access to a limited number of essential apps and offers very basic functions like a clock, weather, calendar, phone, messaging and camera. You can create memos, use the calculator, send email, listen to music and change the settings.

EasyModeThis does not not make the entire user experience age-friendly, and it’s doubtful that Samsung has considered the entire ‘older’ customer journey in their thinking. But it’s certainly a step in the right direction and a frontal assault on the current smartphone of choice for older users, the Apple iPhone.