Age-Friendly handguns? Are you kidding?

We said physical ageing affects everything, but we hadn’t imagined it applied to handguns!

This bizarre article discusses the issues of declining eyesight, hand-strength, dexterity and the effects of arthritis on your choice of handgun. GunFor example; “The .45 Auto has mild recoil for its major power level; with its hammer back (relieving mainspring pressure), the slide isn’t too hard for even somewhat arthritic hands to operate with the standard recoil spring; and its single action trigger pull is easy to manipulate”.

Read and weep at this closing statement “Oh, and the slower and more awkward reloads that come with aging hands? Do ya think a creative attorney could craft a solid class action lawsuit arguing that the ravages of age impair old folks’ ability to swiftly and surely reload after 10 shots, and that therefore laws limiting magazine capacity have disparate impact against senior citizens and the disabled?”

We have no plans to adapt the AF Audit Tool to evaluate handguns!