Crowdsourcing app helps the visually impaired

How clever and noble is this? A crowdsourcing mobile app that connects the visually-impaired with a global network of volunteers who help describe the contents of the pictures they take.

Although not specifically designed for them, the application of MySmartEye for older people with visual impairment, is clear.

Here’s how it works, if the user has trouble identifying an obstacle along the road or what’s written on a street sign, he or she can snap a photograph, which is then shared in real-time with volunteers who have the app installed. The comments are then read back to the user over his or her smartphone.

Singapore telco StarHub has released the app over iOS and Android, and depending on demand may extend to other platforms such as Windows Phone.

Micro-volunteering is a revolutionary platform for time-starved Singaporeans. It gives existing volunteers an extra channel to help and demonstrates to would-be volunteers that it really doesn’t take much to make a difference.