Investment advisor offers 3 ways to profit from an ageing population

It’s always good when professionals observe the business opportunity in the ageing population. Whether unemployment goes up or down, whether China is growing at 7% of 5%, Australia’s population will continue to age and demand an increasing level of certain goods and services.

In this article, the The Motley Fool suggests three themes to profit from the ageing population. All predictable:

1. Health care

Admittedly there are plenty of young people who find they require a hospital for a multitude of reasons however there is still undoubtedly a skew toward an ageing population and increasing demand for hospital services.

2. Retirement villages

An ageing population means more people are looking to downsize the family home, whether just as a lifestyle choice or to access capital tied up in the property. Many older citizens also wish to join a friendly community both from a social and support perspective and that’s where retirement villages can become an attractive option.

3. Eye services

Ophthalmic services cover a range of critical eye issues including cataract, retinal problems such as macular degeneration, glaucoma and vision correction. With nearly a third of older Australia’s suffering from cataracts plus other vision correction needs, the long-term outlook for treatments provided by ophthalmic services companies looks significant.