Singapore supermaket responds to its ageing customers

It is commonly understood that sophisticated retailers apply customer/sales analytics to determine which products to ‘invest’ in.

With this in mind, here is the most obvious sign I’ve seen of a major retailer in Singapore, responding to its ageing customers.


These images snapped at a leading mass-merchandise supermarket Giant (owned by Dairy Farm International Holdings) are remarkable for two key reasons:

1) Giant ‘house’ branded adult diapers. Clearly, they have observed sales of adult diapers on the rise and have responded with a house brand alternative.

2) Displayed at a gondola-end at the very front of the store. This is a super-premium position which marketers often pay big money to secure. It also happens to be a very ‘age-friendly‘ placement as it is more convenient for older shoppers than having to venture deep into this massive store.IMG_1340

For sure, Giant would not have devoted this precious real estate unless they were confident of sales.

While noteworthy, this is observation should not be surprising given Singapore’s rapidly ageing population. And for a glimpse at what the future holds, just look to Japan where in 2011, Adult diaper sales exceeded baby diapers for the first time.