P&G delves into ageing mouths

This survey reveals attitudes and awareness of oral health among the older generations.

FMCG companies have been obsessed with kids. Kiddie toothbrushes, fancy toothpaste and so on. But P&G seems to be taking the issues of the older mouth seriously. In this post I wrote about Crest and OralB Pro-Health. P&G’s first attempt to target the 50+ consumer!smile

This new research among 503 respondents aged 48 and over, shows that while many believe they are doing everything right to protect their smiles, they do not realize the importance of maintaining a full oral care routine. The survey found that:

  • 60% do not use mouthwash daily
  • 47% do not floss daily
  • 34% only brush once a day

While obviously self-serving to support Crest and Oral B, these findings indicate there are opportunities to help educate and improve the oral health of older consumers.

Oral health is one of the physical effects of ageing addressed in our book, Marketing to the Ageing Consumer.