Is China grasping the business side of ageing?

China International Senior Services Expo was held on May 1~3, 2013 offering health, wellness, spiritual, and housing solutions.

Sadly, I did not attend CISSE 2013 but one visitor reported an impressive array of innovative and comprehensive set of technologies and solutions on display2013-06-16_17-23-13. Leaving the visitor to wonder whether China could be the place that best respond to the ageing population? It has all the elements: the need, the urgency, the policy, the funding, and the innovation.

Some of the innovations on display:

• Smart phone applications for medication reminding, calendaring and caregiver communication

• Community-based remote patient monitoring solutions (vitals, weight, video conference); some standalone but many that provided call centres for consultation

• Many different shapes and sizes of Win8* touch and Android based mobility solutions

• Wearables (e.g. watches) that track wandering or aid with fall prevention and emergency response

• Real estate companies who were providing assisted living facilities as well as group vacations and other services for elders.

The visitor/writer from Intel was surprised by the international commonality of need among older people. He need not have been.

This is not surprising for anyone who has read our book; Marketing to the ageing consumer. The 25 effects of ageing are complex, relentless and UNIVERSAL.

Many of the vendors claimed deployments in the “thousands”…still a tiny fragment of the Chinese market but significant nonetheless.

I will try to attend next year.